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OUR Values & Goals

Glory American Schools believes in The 5 C's Co-operation, Creativity,Communication, Commitment and Co-existence

Our Values

The core values proposed for Glory American Schools are resilience, respect, empathy, integrity, honesty, care and tolerance, vitally for Glory American Schools learners.
These seven values promote a positive attitude in students and provide a foundation for the development of the framework competences.
• Care – means feeling concern or compassion for or having an interest in someone or something.
• Empathy– is the ability to see things from another’s perspective.
• Honesty – is acting fairly; being truthful
• Integrity – is how we turn honesty into action.
• Resilience – is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.
• Respect – is a feeling or understanding that someone is important.
• Tolerance – is the willingness to accept feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own.

Our Goals

• Provide our students with effective programs to enable them to reach thier ful protential and achieve success.
• Ernhance students skills so as to be valued individuals with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual abilities.
• Provide a supportive, nurturing, and safeenvironment to promote students learning and encourage students to develop a life-long desire to learn .
• Promote and encourage positive attitudes and good behavior among students.